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Power / Energy Meter Single Phase, RS485, Qeed QI-Power-485-300LV

300 A AC, 400 A DC current transformer / power transducer and energy meter with RS485 MODBUS interface

Qeed QI-POWER-485-300LV

is a Single-phase transducer / power meter for the measurement of DC/ACtrms current and voltage with an RS485 Modbus RTU interface. Accessible values through the RS485 Modbus are: Irms, Vrms, W, var, Va, Vpk, Ipk, Hz, Cos φ, bidirectional Energy and THD. The Qeed QI-POWER-485-300LV current transformer / power transducer is fully configurable through its RS485 interface. DIN rail mount design with galvanic isolation between inputs and output.  Factory Calibration Certificate of the device is available at request.

Main features

  • TRMS Measurements, THD available
  • Accuracy 0,5%
  • RS485 Modbus integrated
  • Bidirectional energy metering
  • Installable on DIN-rail in both directions
  • OEM’S design, low cost
  • Fully configurable by the free software FACILE QI-POWER-485-300LV
  • Bootloader for updating firmware
  • Available measurement register: MSW first LSW first or hundredth
  • Flash memory, data retention min. 4.5 years, typical 45 years
  • Minimum measurable current (cut off): 0 - 2560 mA
  • Minimum measurable power (cut off): 0 - 2560 W
  • Measurement speed: every 50 cycles or 1 s (faster) can be set with the FACILE software

USB/232-485 adapter (opcional accessory) can be used to connect the PC /laptop having USB port (FACILE software installed on it), to the RS485 bus for congurating the parameters of the QI-Power-485-300LV current transformer / power transducer


  • Measuring ranges
    • Current: up to 300 A AC, 400 A DC
    • Voltage: up to 80 VAC or 100 VDC
  • Measurements: Irms, Vrms, Watt, Var, Va, Vpk, Ipk, Frequency, Cos φ, Bidirectional energy, THD, min and MAX of each measurement
  • Mesuring mode: TRMS or DC
  • Accuracy (@25°C up to 200 Hz)
    • Voltage, Current, Active Power: ≤ 0,5% F.S.
    • Frequency: ±0,1 Hz
    • Energy: ±1% of reading
    • Vpeak, Ipeak: ±5% F.S.
  • Temperature coefficient: ≤ 200 ppm/°C
  • Crest factor 1,4 (at current measurement)
  • Working frequency: DC, 1...400 Hz
  • Ootput: RS485 Modbus RTU
  • Baud-Rate: 1.200... 115.200 baud
  • Power supply: 9... 30 Vdc, ≤1,3 W, protection against polarity reversal and overtemperature
  • Reference Standards: CE EN61000-6-4/2006 + A1 2011; EN64000-6-2/2005; EN61010-1/2010
  • Ovevoltage: Cat III up to 600V; Cat II up to 1000V
  • Insulation
    • 3 kV for bare wire of Current measurement
    • 4 kV for Voltage measure (reinforced insulation to power supply and serial output)
  • Protection index: IP20
  • Working temperature: -15… 65°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C... 85°C
  • Humidity: 10… 90% RH not condensing
  • Altitude of use: up to 2000 m asl
  • Dimensions: 89,1 x 99,25 x 28,5  mm (terminal excluded)
  • Weight: 370 g
  • Removable terminals: 3,5 mm
  • DIP switch for address configuration
  • Mounting: screws or DIN rail clips (included) for vertical/horizontal mounting