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Split-core current transformer, transducer, Qeed QI-HSC 

50A AC/DC (QI_HSC-50), 100A AC/DC (QI-HSC-100) current transformer / transducer with ±4 VDC analogue output

The Qeed QI-HSC-50 /-100 split core current transformer, transducer

can be used to measure DC and AC current with high precision and in a wide measuring range. For its split core design, it can be installed on cables without disconnecting them from the circuit. In addition removable screw terminals make installation very easy. The QI-HSC-50/-100 split core current transformer, transducer can be used for all kinds of measurement of DC and variable frequency (up to 20 kHz) currents, e.g. in battery control systems such as UPS, safety power supplies, energy storage, power electronics. The output signal can be processed by special instrumentation, like PLC, etc.

Input-output characteristic


  • Nominal measuring ranges
    • HSC-50: 50 A AC/DC
    • HSC-100: 100 A AC/DC
  • Power supply: 12… 15 VDC
  • Working frequency: DC… 20 kHz
  • Load resistance: min 10 kohm
  • Consumption @ 15 V dc: 25 mA
  • Output at nominal current Ip = 0: ±25 mV
  • Output at nominal current Ipn =50A /100A: ±4 V ±1%
  • Accuracy: ±1%
  • Linearity: ≤1%
  • Temperature coefficient: ±1 mV/°C
  • Response time 0-90%: 10 µs
  • Insulation between primary and output: 3 kV
  • Working temperature: -25… 85°C
  • Storage temperature: -40… 100°C
  • Connection: Removable connector for cable section 0,2… 2,5 mm2
  • Weight: 80 g